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What's New

This site recently celebrated its tenth anniversary, during the last ten years the site has come a long way from the initial collection of past and present pictures to its present format. In future years time permitting the site will continue to develop with the past and present theme taking a lesser role and more content focusing on local history being added.

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  • 04/02/13 The Gregory Springs page has been updated with details of the sale of the colliery in 1884.
  • 26/11/12 25 years ago, a team of interviewers from Yorkshire Art Circus and Kirklees Libraries and Museums talked to members of the community in Dewsbury, Ravensthorpe, and Mirfield about their reminiscences and experiences of life in the area. These were compiled together into a project entitled "From Mirfield To Dewsbury" that you can view it HERE.
  • 29/09/12 A new special feature on Mirfield's presentation tank is available HERE.
  • 03/09/12 The Mirfield History Archive now has it's own Facebook community page  where you will be able to find a few bits of local interest that might not be on this site.
    Join The Facebook Mirfield History Archive
  • 02/09/12 The Zoom Feature used on the Picture Of The Month and Map Gallery now works in Google Chrome and Firefox besides Internet Explorer.
  • 12/08/12 More old news paper Articles have been added to Gallery 1 and you can now look at some Old Mirfield Dialect from the nineteenth century in the Special Features section.
  • A new Special Feature on The Strange Affair Of Mirfield Doctor Thompson Whalley is available HERE.
  • Starting with Gallery 1 I have started to attach old news paper articles from the Mirfield Leeds Mercury Archive to some of the pages. I will be adding further articles over the next few weeks.
  • I have added some new pictures of LSD Cycle Cars to the Made In Mirfield pages.
  • I am giving the site a bit of a tidy and have added a few lost pages back to the Mirfield Galleries along with some additional links to aid navigation.
    I am also in the process of revamping the Locations page, the old one had quite a few issues including Googles limit on the number of locations displayed the new one doesn't suffer this and already over 300 old picture of Mirfield have been added!
  • Quite a few more pictures have been added to the second page of Old Mirfield Pictures.
  • From the site stats I can often see what visitors to the site are searching for, unfortunately many do not actually find the relevant page while others are searching for things that aren't yet on the site but could be answered if only they could ask the question.
    To address this I have added a SEEKING INFORMATION PAGE where you can post a request for information you may not find on the site directly.
  • You can now view the Mirfield poll book for the West Riding election of 1848 HERE.
  • A new special feature on the arrival of the railway in Mirfield is available HERE.
  • There are now over 800 19th Century Mirfield News Articles in the Mirfield Leeds Mercury Archive HERE.
  • You can now search the site by locations on a Google Map and Google Earth HERE.
  • The Scrap Book has now been replaced by a far more extensive collection of Old Mirfield Pictures located in their own Old Pictures gallery, if you choose it is possible to leave a comment on each individual picture.
  • You now find out about the Reverend Joseph Ismay vicar of Mirfield 1740-1778 and read some of his writings in a new special feature HERE.
  • With the upcoming 200th anniversary of the Luddites uprising the special feature
     has been updated.
  • The Old Railway Days video is now included on the Gallery 2 page.
  • A New 1908 OS map added HERE.
  • New feature Not The Latest News is available HERE.
  • The new feature on the Mirfield History Archive is available HERE.
  • The new feature on the Community of the Resurrection is available HERE.
  • The new Picture of the Month feature is available HERE.
  • The new Free Mirfield A Second Look Screensaver is available HERE.
  • There is a new scrap book of pictures available on the
    Gallery 1 page.
  • You can now leave Feedback requests etc on the Feedback page.
  • A zoom feature is now available on two of the larger maps in the Map Gallery.
  • The new 2010 Mirfield Quiz is now available for you to complete on-line.